Devoy Squash & Fitness Centre is the trading name for Tauranga Squash Rackets Club Inc. established in 1967 at our original site at 7th Avenue. In 2011 the new facility at Cnr Devonport Rd & 13th Ave was opened by the Prime Minister John Key.

Devoy Squash & Fitness Centre is managed by a Committee elected annually at an AGM in December. 


Ladies Club Captain 2019


You will be able to spot me easy – I’m the one with the bright red face huffing and puffing around the court.

I was a late starter to squash, much to my annoyance.  I wish I had of known this sport when I was a lot younger so I could be much better now!!!  However, I am a hacker but a great lover of the sport, where else can you get a serious cardio workout in 40 minutes and feel so virtuous afterwards!!!!  Everyone is just so friendly and I have made some amazing friends all through squash.

Besides from running club night on Wednesday nights 7pm-9pm (open to all) I am Ladies Club Captain what this entails is that I am here to help the ladies organise interclub teams, elimination teams, people to play, help with entering tournaments, helping with tournaments and being the general go to person.  Please feel free to give me a call anytime (so long as I am not on court!!!).  See you down at the Club, introduce yourself so I know who you are. 

Hi, I'm the Men's Club Captain at your squash club  - Garth Mitchinson

I'm a Pharmacist and own Life Pharmacy in the CBD

I started playing as a 10 year old, but sadly had 30 years off when rugby got in the way.

It's taking a while for my body to work out how to cope with my style of play, which is a bit erratic though.

So if you haven't seen me behind the bar, or in front of it, I'm usually around somewhere complaining about my most recent injury.

My family are all members, and you will have seen them around a lot too, I suspect.

My daughter Jaime is climbing the rankings quickly, while my wife Kelly and younger daughter Emma are more social participants.

I'm getting to know a lot of you guys now, and am always happy to answer questions or point you in the right direction if needed.

So don't be shy, I'm friendlier than I sometimes look.

Men's Club Captain 2019

Junior Club Captain

Jack Niles (JJ)

It is pretty much impossible to walk into the squash club and not see my face lurking around somewhere. 17 years old and will be finishing my last year at Tauranga Boys College this year. I have been playing this sport for as long as I can remember and always had those older kids to look up and aspire to. That is what I want to give back to our club. I want to be that role model I had growing up so I am heavily involved in coaching and try to take on as many people as time allows (Both seniors and juniors). My role as Junior Club Captain is to oversee the junior programs and be the voice for any concerns or ideas they may have. It's good to see many new and familiar junior faces return each year to the junior programs and seeing them all drastically improve by the time next season comes around. My parents Marcus and Char Niles have been, and still are, heavily involved in our club community. I'm aiming this year to push the juniors and see a drastic improvement in their ability and confidence. Don't be afraid to come have a chat it's not hard to find me I basically live at the squash club. You can also contact me direct on  or  022 361 6563


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