Devoy Squash & Fitness offers a variety of squash membership options, including access to our gym and the flexibility of weekly or monthly payments. We don't require a contract term, which means that you're not locked in for a fixed period. This makes it easy to try out squash for three months and see if it's right for you. We also offer annual memberships.

We're confident that once you visit our fantastic facilities and play on our courts, you'll be hooked. Our climate-controlled environment ensures a comfortable experience, and you can enjoy a cold drink after your game while watching the sport on SKY TV. The Devoy Squash & Fitness experience is one you won't forget.

If you're ready to join, simply complete the application form below and we'll be in touch to arrange a time to finalise your squash membership. We'll show you around the facilities, including how to book courts, gain after-hours access, and connect with other members for a game.

Limited 5-Month Memberships NOW AVAILABLE

Discover the ultimate squash experience at NZ's premier squash club! Get 5 months of access to play squash and enjoy our member's gym for just $199. With 7 climate-controlled glass back courts, you can play 7 days a week until 11 pm. Take advantage of on-site management, a pro shop, and a members' bar.

*This exclusive offer is available only to new members, so sign up now and elevate your game! 

Squash Membership Application Form

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Thank You - your membership application has been sent. You will be contacted to arrange a time to finalise payment and shown the club premises including how to access facility, turn on lights and book courts


Not sure of the rules of Squash ? Check out this quick video that spells out the basics



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