Our club values its Junior members who make up a significant part of our membership. We currently have almost 150 Juniors below the age of 19 who participate in various activities catered to different levels. These activities include Rep and Development squads, which are coordinated by Squash BOP or local schools, and our popular Monday Junior Squash Development Program that runs during Terms 2 and 3 (see video). With plenty of options available, all Juniors can Try It, Play It, and Love It. Junior membership is affordable at just $4.95 per week, providing access to courts 7 days a week and opportunities to be graded and compete in Tournaments and graded activities such as AIMS Games and Junior-only 1 Day Tournaments..


Registrations Closed

Unfortunately, we are now fully subscribed for the Term 2 Squash Junior Coaching.  The program will repeat again in Term 3.  Registrations will open for Term 3 in July from this page


During the competitive squash season, which runs from March until October, a busy tournament calendar is held at Devoy Squash. We organize 3 or 4 major tournaments each year which are open to our Junior graded players.  For newer Junior competitors, we also hold several Junior-only tournaments that usually last for a day and are often restricted to the lower-graded players. These tournaments are a lot of fun and provide a perfect introduction to the competitive side of the game. We offer a supportive environment with plenty of helpers to guide you through the technicalities of scoring and marking. Most tournaments award prizes and have a small entry fee. You can check out the video of one of these fun 1-day tournaments below. For further details and dates, please enquire at the office.


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