The term "Seniors" in squash is a bit misleading, as it simply refers to members aged 19 or older. At Devoy Squash, this is the largest group, with almost 400 members ranging in age from 19 to 70+. Everyone has their own reasons for playing squash - some enjoy playing regularly with friends, while others are looking to meet new people and play in leagues or other organized events like Business House and Club Night.  Still, others are highly competitive and participate in tournaments, Interclub, and Superchamps. Regardless of your level of involvement, we offer resources to help improve your squash game and fitness level, including group and individual coaching programs. Contact the office for more information.


The Club's best introduction is the Wednesday Club Night starting at 7 pm. There are short 15-minute games arranged for players of similar abilities, so if you're new to the game or the club, you will be looked after.   It's an excellent opportunity to meet new members and find new squash partners. The bar is open for that important post-match drink, and group coaching is often provided at Club Night, which is a great way to improve your skills. Club Night runs from February through to Christmas, and there is no need to book in advance. Non-members are welcome to join, and there is a $5 fee.


If you're looking to meet new members and find games, then the Leagues are a great option. These Leagues run for a calendar month, and you'll be placed in a group of 4 or 5 players with a similar level of skill. All you need to do is contact your group members and arrange your match. After the match, record the results, and the winners move up through the leagues. You can find the sign-up sheet on the noticeboard or enquire at the office.


Interclub is a competition available only to graded players and it runs throughout the competition season. Teams comprising 4 players are formed, with women's games being played on Monday nights and men's games on Tuesday nights. The teams compete against other clubs in the Bay area with generally one home and one away game. The competition starts at 7 pm, and it can be quite intense as grading points are at stake. A supper is always provided, and plenty of off-court banter over drinks is encouraged. It is a great way to progress through the grades with the support and sideline coaching from your teammates.

Doubles Squash has become increasingly popular due to the success of the Commonwealth Games and the fact that it is a fun sport to play. Doubles squash offers a great opportunity to run around and enjoy the game, without the intense workout required for singles matches. Several Doubles Tournaments are held throughout the region, including our own Thursday Night Doubles event that takes place before Christmas and is repeated in the New Year. This is an extremely popular and social event. Check out this video showcasing how the "professionals" play doubles featuring World Doubles Champions and Commonwealth Games gold medalists Joelle King & Amanda Landers-Murphy playing at Devoy Squash in the NZ Doubles event.

Doubles Squash


Business House is a fantastic way to socialize and have fun while playing squash. It involves teams of four players with 20-minute games, making it a great way to introduce yourself to the Club in a fun environment. The bar, of course, is open for drinks. You can check with the office to find out when the next Business House round is taking place.


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