What is Squash57?

Squash57 is a new variant of the traditional game of squash that has been played for nearly 200 years.  Played on a standard squash court with a larger bouncier ball and larger racket, Squash57 is a great introduction to a racket sport but still with a full on cardio workout.  The name Squash57 is derived from the larger 57mm ball that is used.  A Squash57 ball bounces higher and travels slower than the smaller traditional squash ball, making it easier to see and hit the ball and longer to retrieve your opponents shots.  As you get better at Squash57 the length of rallies get longer and soon you are enjoying a serious workout, all while having fun.  Not uncommon to hear laughing from a Squash57 court as the players work out the dynamics of the game and the bounce of the larger ball.  Played in a slightly more upright stance, Squash57 takes the pressure out of deep lunges that injuries or lack of mobility may have caused, keeping you on court longer.  

Squash57 Promo Video

Squash57 Singles Game

Squash57 Doubles Game

How to play Squash57 (previously Racketball)


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